Saving Money on Wedding Invitations

Invitations for the frugal bride

If you have a tight budget for your wedding, you might want to take hard look at your wedding invitations.   As with all areas of your wedding, prices for wedding invitations can vary greatly depending on how much you want to spend. 

Thankfully, your wedding planner can provide workable and valuable tips to consider before you place your wedding invitation order. As you look at your invitations, keep in mind that your invitation sets the tone for the wedding to follow. 

Here are a few tips from our consultants to help save money on your wedding invitations without sacrificing quality:

  • Know that pricing for invitations is usually a la carte.  You'll pay a base price for invitations and envelopes and virtually everything else costs extra. 

  • Whatever paper style you select, plan to buy for the number of households, not the number of guests.  Most of your guests are likely to be couples so you'll need one invitation per address.  Make that your base order and then order extras in multiples of 25 or 50. 

  • When you place your order, round up to the next lot size.  Usually invitations are sold in lots of 25, 50 or 100 and larger lots are generally less expensive than smaller groups.  So if you need 130 invitations, order 150. 

  • Plan to order extra envelopes to cover any mistakes in addressing.  They are not "thrown in".  Your order will include the exact number of envelopes as invitations, so order an extra pack of 25. 

  • If money is tight, skip foil lined envelopes.  They look nice but unless you MUST have them, omit. 

  • Really look hard and the number of inserts you are ordering.  Unless yours is a very formal wedding (which requires the full complement of inserts), you can get by without some of them. 

* Skip the reception card - especially if your ceremony and reception are in the same place.  A nice corner copy will do just fine. 

* You may wish to give guests alternative RSVP options.  Rather than print up separate cards, return envelopes (with postage affixed) print a simple card that suggests a RSVP to your wedding website.  If that doesn't feel right to you, use a postcard for RSVP.  They don't require an envelope and postage is less.