Wedding Planner Earns 3 Certifications

I founded my wedding and event planning business, Voilà! Event Studio, in June of 2009. I have maintained a full time job with a property management company since the founding of my company. As it takes about 5 years to get established in any industry, I am still trying to build up a consistent business that will enable me to take the leap into doing weddings and events full time.

The first wedding I planned and coordinated occurred in the fall of 2009, and my second wedding took place in the spring of 2010. By the end of 2011, I had completed a total of 4 weddings. I am happy to report that I wrapped 12 weddings in 2012! Although it has definitely taken me time to build,

I have had so much fun planning weddings and growing Voilà! Event Studio. I look forward to achieving my goal of successfully completing 20 weddings in 2013.

I now hold the titles of RBC (Registered Bridal Consultant), CWS (Certified Wedding Specialist), and CWP (Certified Wedding Planner) all from National Bridal Service and Weddings Beautiful Worldwide.The first certification I obtained was the RBC in 2005 (before Voilà! Event Studio existed!), followed by the CWS in December of 2011 and most recently, my CWP in October of 2012.

While studying at Christopher Newport University, I took a part time job at Tiffany’s Bridal in Newport News,VA. One of the requirements of being a bridal consultant there was to complete the Registered Bridal Consultant certification from National Bridal Service. It took me 6 weeks to obtain my RBC certificate, which I was awarded on March 12, 2005.

Since professional certifications are important to me and my clientele, I decided to pursue further certifications after I started Voilà! Event Studio. I went back to the National Bridal Service and Weddings Beautiful Worldwide websites and noticed that they were offer- ing CWS and CWP certifications in addition to the RBC Course.When I first looked into the certifications, I was only eligible to pursue the CWS, so I started working on completing that course first. I earned my CWS certificate and title on December 1, 2011. Upon my completion of the CWS I was eligible for the CWP, so I began working toward my CWP in May 2012 and earned the CWP certificate and title on October 15, 2012.

As far as advertising and marketing, I do mostly free promotions as I do not have a huge budget for marketing at this time. Most of the marketing I do is through the internet. I do pay to have a Wedding Wire ad page, as well as one on The Knot. I’ll also do an occasional supplemental ad, on occasion and as my resources permit. Most of my business is referral based, which is my favorite type of business to have.

I offer a wide array of optional services, often working with clients to help them find solutions for their wedding projects. For example, I am happy to put their invitations together, work on crafting DIY projects, or decorate their send-off transportation! I’m even up for outside-of-the-box projects like planning proposals! I am open to any wedding related tasks – all my clients need to do is ask, and I’ll find a way to make it happen!

I’m very confident and excited about the future of my business. Part of that confidence is thanks to the certifications that I have acquired through National Bridal Service and Weddings Beautiful Worldwide. Knowing that I have gone to the effort of completing a certification also gives my clientele confidence in my abilities and I believe it also shows others the passion I have for my business. I will continue to pursue my passions of wedding and event planning. I never want to stop learning, growing, and achieving great things through Voilà! Event Studio!

Ms.Tyler FitzHugh, RBC, CWS, CWP
Wedding & Event Planner
Secretary, Association of Wedding Professionals