"Weddings Beautiful has given me clear, creative, and compelling information that is helping me turn my passions into a career and letting my gifts shine! The training course has enabled me to focus my creative spark to help others realize their wedding visions.

Janel B. Keen, Vivid Expressions, Chesapeake, VA


"I have been extremely happy and satisfied with each lesson of the training course. I have not only learned about the wedding industry, but also how to better conduct the everyday life of my business. The assignments go over everything you need to know about how to become a successful wedding planner and how to be a true professional."

Tina Zabetakis, Wedding Dreams & Party Themes, Millington, MD


"What Weddings Beautiful gave me is the knowledge to succeed in a very competitive and rewarding career. Each of the 18 assignments plays a key role in our career field. With the continued support of WB I keep in touch with the changing trends. I want to thank all of the staff at Weddings Beautiful for the continued growth we have had together over the years. I look forward to the years to come!" 

Tamara Bradley de Morales, Incredible Weddings and Events, Puerto Vallarta, Mexico 


The training course was great. It was extremely insightful and informative. I don't think I could have learned more anywhere else. The staff at Weddings Beautiful has been more than helpful when I have questions about an upcoming event or a concern with my business. Keep up the great work!" 

Ebony I. Murdock, Hillsboro, N 


"Your course has met all of my expectations. From the chapter on ‘Time’ to ‘The Ultimate You,’ I have found pearls of wisdom that reinforce my beliefs and ground my eyes to areas of my life and personality that need polishing. Thank you for providing a program that will help me move forward in my business with greater confidence and insight." 

Laurie Bathgate
Saskatoon, SK, Canada


"The training course is a detailed offering of tremendous knowledge on wedding planning. There were areas that I had never even considered when working with a couple, and they have helped me sell my services. Whenever I've had a question, I can call WB, email, or fax, and get a quick response."

Sharon Lyons, Antondale, NY 


"The lessons for each topic in the course are intense, and I feel very knowledgeable after reading each one. I personally see myself as a go-getter, and I like the freedom to progress through the course at my convenience." 

Priscilla Watkins, Richmond, VA 


"During the months that I took the course, my business grew dramatically. A big part of that growth came from the practical skills and knowledge from WB that strengthened my confidence to go forward."

Kathy Miller, Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada


"I recently received my certification through Weddings Beautiful, and I could not be happier. The positive feedback and quick responses were so helpful. The knowledge I gained from the training course helped me plan my own wedding and get my business off to a great start. I have already had multiple brides-to-be come to me for help. The knowledge the course gave me has allowed me to answer these questions and know where to look when I need more information. I know that Weddings Beautiful will be there to see me through my journey. I have renewed my subscription to Weddings Beautiful in order to continue to have their support and advice. The peace of mind that comes from having someone who knows the business on your side is wonderful. Thank you Weddings Beautiful and Nancy; you were a wonderful guide through my course." 

Jennifer Noble, Fisherville, VA 


"The Weddings Beautiful training course is great. WB prepared me to start my business eight years ago, and I can rely on the organization when I have questions.. Knowing they are only a phone call away gives me peace of mind. I enjoy reading the newsletters that are part of my subscription as they keep me up to date on the latest trends and happenings in the wedding industry. Joining this organization and becoming certified has set me apart from other wedding planners in my area and keeps me on top of my game. I love what I do and am happy I found Weddings Beautiful when I was starting my wedding planning career." 

Tracie Morris, Redford, MI


"The lesson on ‘Mental Power’ really set my mind to work. I feel like I am revved up, and ready to go. Thank you for the mental stimulation, and making me hungry for more." 

Celia B. Cunanan
Paranaque City, Philippines


"Positive information! With a background in sales and customer support, I found the qualities defined in this course very refreshing. It is a great course." 

Trevor Takasu
Nagoya, Japan