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Are you ready to begin your career in the dynamic field of wedding planning? If so, you can start today and train at home with our Certified Wedding Specialist course! Weddings Beautiful Worldwide has been providing professional training, certification and support since 1968. Click to learn more

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If so, we offer a 3-step program that will award you the Certified Wedding Planner title if you qualify. This title distinguishes most professional planners from the rest! Click to learn more.

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About Weddings Beautiful Worldwide . . .

Weddings Beautiful was founded in 1968 with the vision of Gary Wright, to provide quality education and support to aspiring wedding planners worldwide. Weddings Beautiful currently has two certification programs, a membership association and licensees in Africa, Japan, Mainland China, Malaysia, Mexico, Philippines, Singapore, Hawaii, The Caribbean, Ecuador and Paraguay. The course is also available in Chinese and Japanese.

About our Certifications . . .

The Certified Wedding Specialist course was first offered in 1954 as part of the National Bridal Service, America’s first national association of bridal consultants and wedding related businesses. In 1968, the course was adapted to the training of wedding planners and coordinators. Since then, we have been providing professional home study training, recognition and support to individuals that have or desire to have a successful wedding planning and coordinating business. Our students gain the know-how and receive the support they need to become successful business owners. Once you complete the Certified Wedding Specialist course and gain experience, we encourage all CWS graduates to apply for the Certified Wedding Planner title. Click to enroll or learn more.

The Certified Wedding Planner title was developed in 2008 for established wedding planners that have a high level of experience and would like to add certification to their credentials. With our new Certified Wedding Planner program, you do not have to take the 18-assignment home study course. We will evaluate you with an easy 3-step process to see if you qualify. This certification distinguishes the most professional planners from the rest! Click to enroll or learn more.

About our Membership Association . . .

Weddings Beautiful Worldwide provides members with many advantages that will help you in your wedding planning career. As a member, you will receive monthly e-mail newsletters, monthly Wedding Notes, a full screen ad on and and access to our “members only” forum and discussion board. In addition, you will receive our consultation service, where you can get immediate response to any of your questions. The monthly newsletters and Wedding Notes could be the most effective learning tool for your business! Please click here to see all the benefits you receive for being a member.

About our Expert Staff . . .

Gary Wright started Weddings Beautiful Worldwide in 1968. He is the CEO of Weddings Beautiful, National Bridal Service & Custom Catalog Service. In 1973, Gary became CEO of National Bridal Service, which was founded in 1951. NBS is a prestigious membership organization that provides professional services to independently owned bridal stores, jewelry stores and gift stores. In addition, Gary founded Custom Catalog Service in 1990, which creates high-quality catalogs for upscale jewelry and fine gift stores.

Gary graduated with honors from the University of Richmond, School of Business in 1964 and he served as a 1st Lieutenant and Top Secret Courier during the Vietnam War. His experience includes opening, buying, managing or selling bridal businesses at 31 different retail locations in six different states. His honors include Bridal Guide’s Hall of Fame, Lifetime Achievement Award by the National Tabletop Giftware Association, Who’s Who in the Jewelry Industry and served on the Board of Advisors for – BB&T Bank, Longwood University School of Business and Health South. He appeared as the industry spokesperson on the national television program, “How To Succeed In Business,” and is frequently contacted for comments and opinions on industry issues.

Lynda Fitch has been a valued employee of National Bridal Service since her first day of work back in January of 1978. She is now Chief Operating Officer and is responsible for coordinating company policy, operating procedures and financials for all three divisions of the company: National Bridal Service, Weddings Beautiful Worldwide and Custom Catalog Service. In addition, she communicates directly with our members, our students, our catalog customers and our international licensees on a daily basis.

Nancy Tucker, CWS/CWP. After six years as President of Weddings Beautiful, Nancy Tucker has moved into the position of Director of Educational Services for Weddings Beautiful. She has decided to change gears with Weddings Beautiful and enjoy a slower pace with family and friends. Nancy will remain the point of contact for all students throughout their studies and will continue to produce the monthly newsletter for Weddings Beautiful members. Nancy’s goal for Weddings Beautiful is to continue its mark of excellence as the authority in the wedding industry. Her review and personal attention of each assignment makes it the ultimate learning experience for the student’s success. She started her own wedding planning business in 1997 where she created a wedding planners online community. She was selected by Doris Nixon (America’s “Number One” Wedding Expert) to administer and grade the assignments. Nancy also serves as an expert on the “Top Wedding Questions” website, where wedding questions are answered on a daily basis. Nancy is often quoted in magazine articles. Nancy’s peers throughout the wedding industry have recognized her enthusiasm, passion, and knowledge for giving expert advice.

Kathy Carr began her career with our company in 1994 as assistant to the Controller. Through her dedication to detail and her eagerness to learn all aspects of the company, she is now responsible for management and design of our three websites and our databases. In addition, she manages the Human Resources and Payroll Department, and handles all special projects for the company.

Pat Mahoney, Director of Training for National Bridal Service has over 20 years experience in the wedding industry. Her responsibilities include writing “Wedding Notes”, four newspaper columns offering tips for Brides To Be. She is also the author of Pat’s Pen, a monthly newsletter for bridal professionals; and is a contributing editor to “One Perfect Day”, the popular wedding planning guide. She has conducted over 200 bridal seminars throughout the United States. Previously, Pat was an executive with the Star Tribune in Minneapolis, MN, one of the top newspapers in America.

Michael Nolte, Director of Wedding Planning Services. If experience counts, there is no one better qualified than Michael Nolte. With three decades of immersion in the world of weddings, Michael has coordinated the details of over 1,000 weddings, many featured in national magazines. His resume includes degrees in Communication and Photojournalism.

As a former wedding photographer, he “saw” weddings, (good or bad) through the lens of a camera. As a former florist retailer, he owned Nolte’s Flowers for 13 years and specialized in weddings. As a bridal salon owner (now 31 years later), he owns Bridals by Nolte, a couture bridal salon in Kansas City. He is the co-author of Nell Hills, “Stylish Weddings”, which offers a fresh approach to wedding planning and creative themes in a variety of venues. As a gown designer, has created the Michael Nolte Collection. As a speaker, he addresses groups of engaged couples at seminars and national audiences of planners for “The Special Event” and National Bridal Service. Nolte was voted “Man of the Year” of Kansas City.

Doris Nixon, RBC/CWS/CWP retired from Weddings Beautiful in 2005. She is the former president of Weddings Beautiful Worldwide and the author of our Certified Wedding Specialist course, and contributing editor to the Registered Bridal Consultant course for National Bridal Service and the “One Perfect Day”, guidebooks for brides and grooms. Doris is passionate about the bridal/wedding business and is unequaled in the industry for her knowledge and experience – making her the “Number One” Wedding Expert. She has traveled the world, having been in 55 – 60 countries, and almost every state.

In addition, Doris is our contributing editor to the Certified Registry Consultant course for associates working in the gift registry store. She has been the featured speaker on bridal registry at every major tabletop market in America and served as monthly contributing editor on the bridal business for Gifts and Decorative Accessories magazine for over 21 years.