Frequently Asked Questions

Will taking the course lead me into a full-time job? 

It can. Many work full-time as wedding planners while others do so part-time. Some work strictly on a consulting basis by assisting the bride to plan and plan all parts of her wedding, including the recommendation of a florist, caterer, photographer, bridal shop, reception site, etc. Others choose to assist at the rehearsal, wedding and reception only. Many wedding planners work full- or part-time in other wedding-related businesses where they use their knowledge to serve brides more professionally.

Do I have to complete the assignments in numerical order?


How long does it take to complete the course?

Proceed at your own pace. Four to six months is typical, and some students have completed the course in six to eight weeks. 

What happens right after I enroll in the CWS course?

As soon as you have completed the enrollment process, your course will be ready for download.  It consists of 17 assignments and a final exam.  Each assignment includes study material and a questionnaire.  Just start with # 1, study the material, take the test and click “submit” for grading.  Then proceed to # 2, then #3, etc.  As soon as you submit #17, you may do #18 which is the final exam.  Nancy (your instructor) will get back to you within 24 to 48 hours of submitting each test with your grade and any comments she may have for you.  Upon successful completion of the whole course, you will receive your CWS title and certificate.