Certified Wedding Planner

The CWP designation is for experienced wedding planners. Unlike the CWS designation, the CWP designation does not require the completion of a training course. Rather, it is earned by proving your experience as an active wedding planner in your community. While CWS recipients are not required to have already planned weddings, CWP recipients have their experience thoroughly vetted by Weddings Beautiful. It is the only way to represent your real-world expertise to vendors and potential clients. 

The CWS training course and the CWP certification program are independent. You may earn either or both in any order. While the CWS training course is available worldwide, the CWP certification program is available in the USA only. 

CWP applicants must have planned ten weddings and have at least two years of experience. 

3-Part Process

Applying for certification is a 3-part process.

  • Part I Experience – List ten weddings you planned.
  • Part II Quality – Produce six references (3 brides and 3 vendors). 
  • Part III Professionalism – Complete five essay responses.

Our staff will evaluate all references and your list of weddings. Certification is not guaranteed, but applicants should be able to gauge their ability to pass before applying. Applicants who do not pass are eligible for a full account credit or partial refund as outlined in the refund policy below. Call Lynda at 804-342-6061 to help you decide if you are prepared to apply for the CWP designation. 

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Refund Policy

Qualified applicants should be able to gauge their ability to pass based on the requirements listed above. The refund policy applies ONLY in the event an applicant does not pass.

Option #1: Receive a full account credit. This amount will remain on each applicant's WB account until he or she is ready to resubmit. The applicant will contact WB and pay a $50 resubmission fee at that time. 

Option #2: Receive a 50% credit card refund. Applicants who decide to reapply, must resubmit their online applications and pay in full for their subsequent applications.