This course is amazing! It covers everything...from what to wear to how to have a healthy business, to an inner look at yourself, to the wedding ceremony and reception. You can tell that everyone involved in Weddings Beautiful really cares about the aspiring Wedding Coordinator, the Bride, the Groom and their families. It is so thorough, there is not much to be added and I wouldn’t change anything!
— Victoria Abell in Dow, Illinois


Training Course:

Certified Wedding Specialist

Wedding planners around the world have earned the CWS designation by completing our online course. Our staff has personally graded lessons since 1968. Students gain the knowledge and support they need to establish themselves as successful business owners. 

Take the course at your own pace and choose the payment option that works best for you. You'll find the outline of the course below. 

US Pricing

  • Option 1 – One payment of $695.
    Receive access to all 18 assignments.

  • Option 2 – Two payments of $395
    Receive access to assignments 1-9 with your first payment and assignments 10-18 with your second payment. 

International Pricing

  • Option 1 –  One payment of $795.
    Receive access to all 18 assignments.
  • Option 2 – Two payments of $445
    Receive access to assignments 1-9 with your first payment and assignments 10-18 with your second payment.

Course Outline

ASSIGNMENT 1 - DEVELOPING YOUR BUSINESS PLAN: All business begins with a plan. In addition to advice about getting started, there are detailed questionnaires for your wedding planning library and how to price and market your service.

ASSIGNMENT 2 - TIME: Time is our most precious possession. This assignment helps you develop time consciousness.

ASSIGNMENT 3 - YOUR BUSINESS FORMS AND CONTRACTS: Includes the forms you need to work with vendors and brides as well as sample contracts and brochures.

ASSIGNMENT 4 - WEDDING INVITATIONS: This assignment prepares you to answer a bride's questions concerning wording and social correctness and to sell invitations if you choose to do so.

ASSIGNMENT 5 - MENTAL POWER: The distance between the benefits of achievement and the level of mediocrity is entirely one of decision.

ASSIGNMENT 6 - DEVELOPING WEDDING EXPERTISE: Covers vendors and weddings in general.

ASSIGNMENT 7 - DIRECTING PROTESTANT AND MILITARY WEDDINGS: Includes charts and timetables for the wedding rehearsal and day of the wedding, plus instructions for all attendants.

ASSIGNMENT 8 - DIRECTING CATHOLIC AND JEWISH WEDDINGS: Since both are quite different from a Protestant wedding, included is what you need to know to direct a wedding of these faiths.

ASSIGNMENT 9 - DIRECTING AFRICAN-AMERICAN, HISPANIC AND ORTHODOX WEDDINGS: As people go back more and more to their "roots," wedding coordinators need to know some of the things to suggest for all types of weddings.

ASSIGNMENT 10 - ALL ABOUT ETHNIC TRADITIONS AND THE HISTORY OF WEDDING TRADITIONS: Essential to know if you are serious about your business.

ASSIGNMENT 11 - RECEPTIONS: Where? What kind? Food? Flowers? Decorating? All are covered in this chapter.

ASSIGNMENT 12 - PHILOSOPHY OF SUCCESS: Whatever the mind can conceive and believe, the mind can achieve. 

ASSIGNMENT 13 - WEDDING FASHIONS: This chapter includes the five basic principles of fashion, plus illustrations, and a glossary of bridal gown and tuxedo details.

ASSIGNMENT 14 - TABLETOP AND THE BRIDAL REGISTRY: A brief introduction to the three elements of table settings ­ dinnerware, stemware and flatware, plus a glossary of terms and illustrations for setting a table correctly.

ASSIGNMENT 15 - TALK LESS, SAY MORE: Skill in communication is a must if your business is to grow. Learn the art of speaking effectively.

ASSIGNMENT 16 - DEVELOPING MANAGEMENT TECHNIQUES AND SKILLS: Learn the six basic techniques for managerial skills in business.

ASSIGNMENT 17 - THE ULTIMATE YOU - PERSONAL PUBLIC RELATIONS: Weddings are a people related business. This chapter helps you take an inward look and assess your strengths and weaknesses as you learn more about what makes you and others tick.